The importance of the axis of the DC permanent magnet motor of the coffee machine

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      The DC permanent magnet motor shaft is a cylindrical component that protrudes from the motor and its housing. The shaft is the main support and connection part of the armature part of the motor, and is also the output part of the power generated by the DC permanent magnet motor. The purpose of the shaft is to convert the energy of the motor into final use. The precision pin and motor shaft are used to provide the speed and torque of the motor and are one of the indispensable important parts of the motor.

      Simple shafts are commonly used in DC motor applications such as power steering control systems, small appliance motors, power tool motors, and specialty components. Unreasonable design will lead to insufficient shaft radius, and stress concentration caused by changes in installation position may cause catastrophic failure of the shaft after a short service life. Therefore, the shaft must meet certain technical requirements.

      When a DC permanent magnet motor is running, the form of mechanical force and torque endured by the shaft varies with the motor model and transmission mechanism.

      The main forces include: the gravity of the rotor component itself, the one-way magnetic pulling force caused by the rotor eccentricity, the centrifugal force of the unbalanced weight, the load torsion moment exerted on the shaft by the transmission machinery at the shaft extension end, etc.

      DC permanent magnet motor

      Therefore, the motor shaft must first have sufficient strength to ensure that the DC motor does not produce residual deformation or damage during operation and processing. At the same time, the motor shaft must have sufficient stiffness so that when the shaft is working, the shaft disturbance is within the allowable range. The critical speed of the shaft should also be considered. There should be a sufficient difference between the working speed and the critical speed of the shaft to prevent resonance. Especially for motors with higher speeds, the critical speed must be checked if necessary.

      Surface hardness of DC permanent magnet motor During the manufacturing process, the shaft often collides with the assembly mold. In processes such as punch core and beer positioning ring, there is a certain amount of assembly interference. The hardness of the shaft must be higher than the positioning ring and chip material by a certain amount to ensure that the shaft surface will not be scratched or wound during the assembly of the DC motor. On the other hand, if a bearing is to be installed on a shaft, the surface hardness of the shaft must be controlled not to be higher than HV450. For rolling bearings, the requirements for the surface hardness of the shaft can be appropriately relaxed, and surface heat treatment is generally not performed.

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