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      Features of international logistics dedicated line

      The main advantage of dedicated line logistics is that transportation costs are low, and urgent cargo needs can be met through air transportation or subcontracting services.

      1. Fixed line.

      The so-called logistics lines are fixed lines, which are lines with designated starting points and arrival points. Logistics lines refer to two-point and one-line transportation.

      2. Reduce transportation time and cost.

      Dedicated line transportation and point-to-point transportation can save costs in time and will not affect delays caused by other stops and other reasons.

      3. Have your own outlets.

      There are certain outlets, which include self-built outlets and cooperative outlets in various forms, to facilitate the transportation and delivery of goods at designated locations, and the goods have a common distribution center.

      4. No stops or transfers on the way.

      The international express line is a dedicated international express transportation route. It provides door-to-door logistics and transportation services from domestic exports to the target country, or from the target country to domestic imports. It arrives in a straight line without transfer or unloading.

      Of course, under certain circumstances, for specific situations caused by large-ticket cargo, urgent cargo, valuable cargo, remote routes, etc., the logistics line may also carry out unloading in two places, three places or multiple places.

      5. Lower transportation costs.

      The purpose of the dedicated logistics line is to save costs, but it must be established on the premise of sufficient cargo volume, otherwise it is likely to lose money. Therefore, the dedicated line generally has a minimum order quantity requirement for goods. If the minimum order quantity is not enough, the minimum order quantity will be charged. There is a minimum order quantity to charge.

      6. Transportation methods of international dedicated line logistics

      There are air, sea, rail and other modes of transportation.

      What are the general international logistics dedicated lines?

      Freight forwarding booking – the customer submits customs declaration information – the goods are delivered to the freight forwarding warehouse – the freight forwarding verifies and checks the shipment information – the bulk cargo is consolidated and shipped out of the warehouse – China Customs declares – the shipping date arrives – the ship is launched – delivery (return POD) – the goods arrive The local processing center of the freight forwarder – customs clearance at the destination – arrival at the port – handed over to the local courier or logistics provider for door-to-door delivery.

      International logistics companies generally cooperate with some shipping or air freight companies, and will take some shipping space and then receive the goods. For example, logistics companies are responsible for transporting goods to the port. Then you also need to cooperate with some customs agents at the destination, which is also very important to ensure that the goods can be cleared smoothly.

      Guangzhou Shengtai International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. has been deeply involved in the international logistics and transportation industry for many years and is committed to providing customers with cross-border logistics and supply chain integrated services to meet the diversified needs of customers.


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