Issues that should be paid attention to when installing planetary gearbox

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      1. When installing the planetary gearbox, attention should be paid to the alignment of the transmission center axis, and the error shall not be greater than the compensation amount of the coupling used. Good alignment can extend the service life and achieve ideal transmission efficiency; when installing the transmission part on the output shaft, it is not allowed to hit it with a hammer. Usually, the assembly fixture and the internal thread of the shaft end are used to press the transmission part in with bolts, otherwise It may cause damage to the internal parts of the reducer. It is best not to use rigid fixed couplings, because improper installation of such couplings will cause unnecessary external loads, causing early damage to the bearings, and even causing the output shaft to break in severe cases.

      2. The planetary gearbox should be firmly installed on a stable and horizontal foundation or base, the oil in the oil drain tank should be able to be drained, and the cooling air should circulate smoothly. The foundation is unreliable, causing vibration and noise during operation, and causing damage to bearings and gears. When the transmission coupling has protrusions or uses gears or sprockets for transmission, additional protective devices should be considered. When the output shaft bears a large radial load, a reinforced type should be selected.

      3. Install the device according to the regulations to ensure that workers can easily get close to the oil mark, breather plug, and oil drain plug. After the installation is in place, the accuracy of the installation position should be comprehensively checked in sequence, the reliability of the compression of each fastener, and it should be able to rotate flexibly after installation. The reducer is splash lubricated by an oil pool. Before operation, the user needs to remove the screw plug of the vent hole and replace it with the vent plug. According to different installation positions, open the oil level plug screw and check the height of the oil level line. Add oil from the oil level plug until the lubricating oil overflows from the oil level plug screw hole. Only after tightening the oil level plug and confirming that it is correct can you start emptying. Test run with load shall not be less than 2 hours. The operation should be smooth, without impact, vibration, noise or oil leakage. Abnormalities should be eliminated in time.

      It can be seen from the above that the correct installation, use and maintenance of planetary gearboxes are important links to ensure the normal operation of mechanical equipment.

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