Forged steel ball valve maintenance and troubleshooting

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      As an important fluid control equipment, the forged steel ball valve requires regular maintenance and timely troubleshooting to maintain its normal operation and extend its service life. 

      forged steel ball valve

      Here are some maintenance and troubleshooting points for forged steel ball valves:

      1. Regular maintenance: Regularly check the appearance, connections and sealing performance of the valve to ensure that the ball rotates flexibly and without obstruction, and keep the sealing surface clean. At the same time, pay attention to the addition and replacement of lubricant to ensure the smooth operation of the valve.

      2. Sealing inspection: Regularly inspect the sealing performance of the forged steel ball valve, especially the seat seal and packing seal. If leakage or damage is found, replace the seals or repair and adjust them in time.

      3. Cleaning and flushing: Clean and flush the forged steel ball valve regularly to remove internal impurities and blockages to prevent the valve from getting stuck or blocked.

      forged steel ball valve

      4. Air leakage and emissions: Regularly check the air leakage of the forged steel ball valve, especially the air intake and exhaust valve ports. If air leakage is found, appropriate tightening and sealing procedures are required.

      5. Operating specifications: When operating the forged steel ball valve, the operating procedures should be followed. Avoid exceeding the rated operating pressure and temperature range of the valve to avoid damage to the forged steel ball valve.

      6. Troubleshooting: When the forged steel ball valve fails, if it cannot be opened, closed or stuck, troubleshooting needs to be carried out in time. Depending on the specific situation, the valve can be disassembled for cleaning, damaged parts replaced, and the valve's installation status adjusted.

      Through regular maintenance and timely troubleshooting, the normal operation of the forged steel ball valve and the stable operation of the system can be ensured. At the same time, paying attention to operating specifications, regular maintenance and reasonable repairs can extend the service life of the forged steel ball valve, reduce maintenance costs, and improve the reliability and safety of the valve system.


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