5 practical tips to consider when using ocean shipping services

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      Ocean Freight Services Over 90% of global trade is supported by cargo sent via ocean freight services, where logistics and transportation managers are highly responsible for enabling fast, cost-effective ocean freight services.

      Shengtai has extensive experience in managing freight and logistics operations, and when investigating ocean shipping services, Shengtai discovered that there were many things to consider that may have been overlooked.

      These handy tips can have a huge impact on the service delivery and associated costs of the shipping services you pay for. Details such as ship routing, in-depth knowledge of Incoterms, selection of loading and unloading ports, precise transportation methods and correct documentation/information are considerations for any smart business in need of maritime shipping services.

      ocean freight services

      1) Know your cargo route

      The cargo route, or path a ship will follow, has a significant impact on shipping time and cost. Shorter ship routes often result in faster deliveries but may result in higher costs, and vice versa. Freight forwarders work with global trade routes such as China to Australia and the United States to Australia on a daily basis, and freight forwarders are experienced in assisting customers in deciding which ship and cargo route will best suit their needs at the time.

      2) Choose your Incoterms wisely

      Incoterms can have a huge impact on your landed costs. Global Incoterms fundamentally determine the division of costs, insurance and freight between buyer and seller. It also has a direct impact on risks, shipment documentation and control of goods at any point in the logistics chain. Therefore, before choosing Incoterms, it is best to discuss all your freight requirements with a professional ocean freight forwarder before choosing ocean freight services.

      3) Choose loading and unloading ports wisely

      When seeking a quote for ocean freight services, choosing the best port of loading and unloading is crucial and requires ocean freight forwarding expertise. Smart businesses may choose ports that are less congested and have more services to enable fast and efficient operations. These ocean shipping service facts are constantly updated by international freight forwarders and can help you choose the best port for your supply chain operations.

      4) Choose the right shipping container size for your cargo

      In order to optimize product availability, cost and delivery time, it is always important to choose the right shipping method. Before you choose a service, it’s helpful to calculate the volume of your shipment to determine whether you’re doing a less than container load (LCL) or a full container load (FCL). Next, you can consider on-time delivery, freight costs, and flexibility in service offerings when making your ocean shipping provider decision. A professional shipping service provider can help you with all of these options to suit your specific needs.

      5) Provide correct documents and information

      Providing the correct documentation along with your shipment information is a critical step in achieving fast customs clearance and delivery of your shipment. Customs clearance and freight forwarding services are the core contract logistics capabilities provided by innovative freight forwarders, with customs clearance consultants and ocean freight experts on their team to assist you.


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